Secret Interview Techniques


I have had a few interviews, from  face to face interviews to a phone call interview.  Most of them were about getting into educational institution, which to some extent is almost like a job interview. Todays lecture notes were on secret technique interviews.

No one can actually be a hundred percent ready for interview but its always best to plan ahead as todays discussion tells us!



Research, passion and dedication are some of the many things employers look at when it comes to hiring. The one thing that caught my eye was the secret questions or sneaky questions of the employers. Using certain animals or objects or situations to describe oneself subconsciously is quite common in almost any type of job interview. Paying attention during the interview and being specific in answers sets a strong impression in the employer.

Like many, getting interview nerves (Kermode, 2014) is scary, especially for me in that first five minutes. The waiting can also be very scary but it is essential to stay positive Maybe recite the whole of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme out loud, providing you’re alone or breathing exercises! This article below can help loads in beating those nerves:


Last but not least, asking a question when its time is another great tip. It gives the sense of interest while setting up a relationship with the employer. These tips are really helpful in preparing for an interview. It will me to create a better opportunity to ensure my next employment.



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