Its difficult to understand what the media and politicians say about how torn apart the world is at the moment. Wars have been fought before but yet our so called heads of state never learn from the past or do they? People helping people yet why do we only see the violence when scrolling through our smart phones? Can everyone actually live together? What creates social stigma? That is my art!


My art is to try and understand these stigmas and break it up using the power of film. i want to show how diverse the planet has become and the common ground that all of us as human  share. Least to say, this is not a money making idea nor a permanent income source. Working part-time jobs  now helps me get by but ultimately i would like to have a steady income source. With the talents I posses, i can still produce quality films and and at the same time work, whether a production company or freelance work, to fund myself in my endeavour to make my art.


Currently, I’m doing my best to get more experience by working on short films and music videos. Some have been paid and some not, but its a start!