Inclusive Design

Living in growing multicultural society, Australia has created so many opportunities for living, yet there still is a marked discrimination of between people of the work place and social projects. Whether its gender, race, religion, age, to name a few, proper work ethics and passion is what I would be looking for in my production team. I would ideally want a team mix of both genders, with a range of passionate individuals.

The clear margin that there more male than females in the film industry is a fact.




Contrary to this, there has been no solid evidence that women are marginalised or discriminated in Australia due to their gender (Novak, 2015). Sexism, though not as obvious in the West when compared to in Asia and Africa (Fisher, 2012), but this is not the cause here!1425986033931

(The Sydney Morning Herald, 2015)


The choice everyone makes is what dictates these facts. For example, there more women in the Veterinarian medicine and biology compered to man simply because they choose those forms of subjects (AVfM, 2016).  Films schools have equal gender graduates but in the past five years, 90% of women directors have had female producers (Maslin ,2015). Maybe people find it easier working with people of the same gender as there is less tension or perhaps there has not been any programs and strategies to get both genders to work as director and producer together. Both genders have to come together to change this mindset of an all single gender production and use each others strengths for the benefits. If film schools could adapt this concept, we could see a big sway of the gender scale back into balance in the near future.



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