Social Media & My Career

As an aspiring producer and documentarian, it is important to showcase my work and get feed back. Social media is a perfect outlet for that and one of the best ways to kick-start my carrier without spending money on advertising or traveling.Unknown-4

Starting my website is the start or the gateway to my social media. It will be the platform for where I can share the various types of work I have made and a point of contact for work. Social media, for example Facebook or Instagram, can help spread my art form and get some extra work on the way.


The works that I would be putting up will be more incline on social issues. This will include blogs, pictures and videos, documentaries or short films, that is currently taking place in our society. Other projects like music videos or films that I have worked on will be included in a separate page. By doing this, I focus my viewers on my real passion and at the same time I give potential employers a glance into my psyche before they view my other works. This can be good or bad depending on how the employers but Its still good for me. The people that I will be fortunate enough to work with will have a similar understanding and comprehension of what I do, thus making the collaboration smooth.