The film industry is blessed to be living in the age where Special Effects and CGI can be used to create many marvels. Film buffs are spoilt as they can view any visual content, any time and anywhere they want, simply from there phones or at choose to relax at with their home theatre HD Televisions. With a bigger audience reach, comes a much greater competition within filmmakers, especially people who work for big networks and production companies. Technology has caused a massive demand for more visual content to be developed faster, particularly TV Series and recently with Comic book movies. Marvel and DC Comics have been going insane in releasing their superhero movies like Ironman, Captain America, Batman and Superman. The story line, with the added CGI, made these superhero movies come to life for so many fans and entertaining for the non–comic book enthusiast. However, this support and competition led both to make Age of Ultron and the infamous Batman Versus Superman. Both these movies were heavily criticised by all audiences as the story – line was simply rubbish and was masked by heavy CGI. The battle and the fight scenes were still beyond impressive but lost of credit with audiences, most importantly their fans. As an aspiring filmmaker, who is passionate about social and current issues, I know that technology is essential in this day and age. Documentaries like ‘That Sugar Film’, which uses a lot of After Effects to help deliver their message, flirts with today’s current technology but still maintains the films prime objective. This use of spectacle and technology is what I aim to adopt in my film. I don’t want to blast my audience with just spectacular visuals and losing them in the story’s message.  Keeping up with current techs is important to reach a wider scale audience, but my priority will always come down to the story and film elements needed to make a memorable film.