Script writing is something very new to me. Coming up with a story was not the hard part but writing a script for than idea certainly has numerous challenges. The title of my script is “Empty Closet” . The story revolves around a  university going student ,who is a compulsive liar struggling with haemorrhoids,has everyone believing he is gay even himself but his fling housemate who knows the truth and will go to any lengths  to prove he is straight. This script was supposed to be drama but in our first script class, majority present, including my facilitator  Ian Dixon,  said it was dark comedy about a man lying to himself about being gay when he is in fact as gay as they come. My script had not been completed at that time and even i felt it had a lot of comedic elements that i didn’t expect until i heard the script getting read. Ian advised me to keep writing this as a drama and the comedy will come into the script. I decided to take his advice but reverse it. I tried writing comedy hoping to achieve the drama i wanted. Sadly my second class was filled with mix feelings by everyone present. They felt the previous script had more story and the comedy was not working the  way i wanted. Ian said my dialogue was good and advised me to go back to my previous script  as the story there had more flow. Once i had realise that my script needed a third persons view, i had my classmates and some friends read my initially draft. To my surprise many of my friends who had studied in an asian country saw the drama and not the comedy side when compared to my friends who had all studied in Australia or the United Kingdom. Taking a lot of mix feedback from everyone really confused when writing my final draft. I kept moving between ideas and genres, which really hurt my story.

When i was pitching, i was very nervous as i felt i have not done justice to my story especially with my ending. It was sloppy and not well thought through as i would have expected. I delivered my pitch but i felt the audience could not understand the story i was trying to deliver because at certain times  while presenting i felt i could change the idea and tried to modify my pitch. This made me stumble at certain times, thus causing the confusion with everyone. I feel this script is good and will keep working on this to improve the story. This script was based on a true story on how one student kept coming back to the hospital with rectal problems but insists he was not gay. He drove himself straight to the psychiatric department after nearly 6 months of mental torture by the doctors convincing him he is a homosexual. The truth was his roommate had actually been chloroforming him and raping him without his knowledge. Heres the kicker!The doctors who had been harassing this poor guy about his gay tendencies were wrong yet they refused to tell him the truth about his condition. They reminded all of us, who were medical students, that this is one in a billion scenario and warned us not to tell him the truth as well. My script did not get picked but i learnt a lot about the story arc, dialogue and to be more descriptive in my script. My next script on ” Empty Closet ” will definitely be much more engrossing. My pitch has along way to go but i must always remember to stick with the idea i have when delivering  my pitch and to practice more before going up before a large audience .15555302_10154808139479467_1146613657_o.jpg