I was fortunate to be part of 2 wonderful short films. I co-produced the “The Magnificent” and first AD for ” Objectified”. In this blog, i will be focussing on my role as co- producer and the various aspect of preproduction for ” The Magnificent “.

The first 2 week of preproduction was a bit slow and messy. We had already got the team to gather and communication was good but i was not pushing the team team hard enough to get their work complete for the Greenlighting presentation. At my KPI meeting with my facilitator, Scout, she helped address some of the problems i had with the crew. Her advise was to be  firm with the crew and set deadlines for each of them. Scout also told me to get more face to face production meetings with a list of what has to be done and reenforcing every ones roles. After the KPI, Alex, writer/coproducer, and i sat down and divided our roles before meeting with the entire crew. Alex worked more on the creative side with director and DOP while i handled all the logistics.  This made preproduction so much smoother and efficient. We were not able to get the green light but we were amber lit. This was mainly due to councils who kept changing the dates on shoot availability and majority of our extras have not been sorted.

During our meeting with the production designer, she helped us in identifying how colours are very important and everything we put on screen has a meaning or a purpose. She helped us break down the colours we should focus on for wardrobe and gave us various places to hunt down props. Our audition workshops were also extremely helpful when casting for actors as we had a lot of extras but with very little dialogue in the film. Our director suggested we use the same dialogue for everyone  as the most important point we learnt in class is to make sure your actor can take direction despite the lines given to him initially.

The last 2 weeks before the shoot was a little hectic. However, we still manage to meet every other day to check on progress and to help anyone else on crew with difficulties they were facing.We had to acquire a nursing home but it was impossible. Instead, Scout advised to get a scout hall and dress that up as nursing home. The scoutmaster was very detailed in his work and demanded a list of gears, lighting plans and story board before we got the agreement to film. Once we got all the agreements signed, we were given the green light to start making our film. The crew really came together as one solid team and worked really hard on their roles and their responsibilities to ensure we were ready for our 4 day shoot.