My role as first AD on “Objectified ” was an amazing experience. Before the shoot, i had already done the call sheets, with the help of Jack Carter the DOP. I was present for all the shoots except for the last shoot due to an unexpected problem on “The Magnificent”. The 2nd day of ‘Objectified’ was the most busiest as most of our extras had cancelled and we had to get some student from SAE Institute to fill in, including the producer. The shoot went on well after that and we accomplished all of the shots needed for the scenes. This was also because of Emily, coproducer, who kept me on my feet and pushing me to move the setups faster as we had a limited time in the bar.

On the ‘Magnificent’, we ran into an issue with filming two days before shoot. The council had just told it was unavailable, when already issuing the permit weeks ago. I manage to convince our director to make use of another park for now while we can do a re shoot next year for that particular scene. He agreed and i managed to convince Monash Council and Stonington Council to give us permission to shoot in their parks with literally 48hours left before we had to shoot.

On the second day of ‘Magnificent’, we had to deal with the cloudy weather and the chance of rain. We managed to film most of our shots but the winds got pretty heavy towards the end of the day. The 3rd and 4th day of the ‘Magnificent’ was at the scout hall. Here we had the whole day on Monday the 3rd day to shoot but the fourth day, we had to be out by 530pm. We moved really quick on the fourth day and the crew only had light snacks throughout the day as they were pumped to get as many shots done. We did not accomplish getting a lot more montage shots, but team really worked hard and had a professional work ethic that was certainly praised by many of our actors and even the scoutmaster. Both sets i worked on were very organised, disciplined and professional. Crew and cast were very working together with little or  no arguments.

The post- production was certainly tough for our editors as they had to work day and night for 15 days to get the film ready by the 16th of December. They spent nearly a total of 138hours in the edit suite to perfect the film and the special effects. I came in a couple of times to the edit suite as i just wanted to see the progress and help if they had any issues. Alex and Ryan, writer and director,were also there side by side with the editors to help with story and the Directors vision. I really learnt a lot as a producer on ‘The Magnificent’. I enjoyed working with the cast and crew. My job on set was mainly in catering and helping with lights but our first AD, Chelsea, played a major role pushing the crew to their best of their abilities. Since i did not do the edit for ‘Magnificent’, i have a small trailer that i hope you might enjoy.