The short films that i had worked on this past 8 weeks, ‘The Magnificent’ as co producer and ‘Objectified’ as first AD were certainly an experience that gave a glimpses for the first time of what it might be working on a professional industry set. In the beginning of the semester, i had set out goals which are to gain experience as a producer, to learn how to make a budget, to deal with legal work, to make a good film and to learn how a film is made from scratch. My role as co producer covered all my goals and more especially when dealing with location agreements and gave me an insight into set design. There is still a lot  i must improve as a producer, in particularly confidence and time management as those were the two skills i lacked in this short film.

My role as First AD on ‘Objectified’ was certainly exciting. I have First AD on a few short films and was well prepared for my role. I had organise call sheets to the best of my abilities and learnt about different ways to approach a call sheet with the help of the DOP. I ensured the set was running smoothly, while making sure everyone on set are happy. I feel i let down the team on the last day as was not there due unforeseen circumstances but is something i intend to improve on in the future. I must make sure never schedule or be part of two film with there shoot dates almost a day part.

I know i worked well with both crews on their short films. The amount of time spent working on both films, brought the team closer and got everyone on the same page. Everyone on both film certainly worked together very professionally and with little complacency. I am very proud to say that we manage to finish filming both the films in an orderly manor. ‘The Magnificent’ was very well filmed but we want to make it better and add a few more shots to the montage and changing the opening scene. This is essential as we intend to send our film to festivals and making sure we put our best work forward is the plan. We have schedule reshoots for late January next year and if all goes well, will have a fine cut of ‘The Magnificent’ by early February.

I feel have come along way as person and a film maker after completing both these short films. They have really inspired to make more films and even matured me as individual. The obstacles faced on both these projects helped greatly in improving my problem solving skills and people skills. The one aspect that i have yet to master is time management which is an important element to make me a good or hopefully a great filmmaker.