These 2 weeks was a very tough and long week. I had to present my pitch and get roles on week 2 but unfortunately due to family emergencies i was unable to attend.  However, this did not stop me from still getting 2 roles on Average Joe and presenting my pitch Next Top Superhero.

My idea is basically a cross between Dragons Den( Reality tv ) and Superheros ( Marvel, DC). Its a parody comedy satire on how reality tv is so scripted, the fact there is superhero craze going on film and to give the audience a sense on how hard it is in the 21st century to get a job. I was very nervous presenting this concept as i find that many would find this idea mundane and ambitious. After presenting, i had a better response that intended from some of my colleagues and both my facilitators. I was advised to work on a pilot or brief treatment about episode 1 by my facilitators to help the audience get an insight on how the story was going to take place. Though my idea was not picked, I have taken the feed back and currently working on script that i hope to shoot on the final week of August.  Im glad it was not selected as i felt at that time the idea has still a lot of kinks to fix up.

Average Joe was my third choice on my pick of web-series to be made this trimester and i wanted to produce this brilliant comedy simply because its a simple idea that was original with full of hilarious scenes which could very appealing to an Australian audience. My roles that i picked however was Production  and marketing Manager. I have never done these roles before, so it will be pretty exciting as i want to experience as many role as i want before i join the professional industry.  Since then i have been contacting the producers and art department to find out how much we need. I have  also contacted some potential sponsors and have approached a few costume shops to help reduce our costs. As catering will be one of the major issues ,as we have nearly 6 shoots days with a big crew and cast, i have focused on sourcing food for those days. i have managed to get two restaurants ,Malaysian and Indian, to provide lunch and dinner for 3 days  where will have the most people. Im still working on sorting the food for the other days but i have now turn back to the set design and costumes as will be shooting a test scene next week. We have picked the GURU scene as it could prove to be one of the most challenging one to shoot, especially when it comes to building the set.

Our two production meetings have been very informative for me as have general idea on what we need for this production and what are departments need from me to help them with their roles. The scripts, though its just the first draft, have been good but seems a bit ambitious. However, this is just a start and i know we can find a way to deliver s good script while not going to overboard on the costs.