This week we shot a test for the Guru in our web-series Average Joe. I volunteered to be the Guru and Andrew played Joe, the lead actor. Before getting into the test, we had a quite a bit of preparation as the scene required lot of dress up as we were building a set in the soundstage. I helped source the materials for the back drop and some of the costumes to make the set more genuine. On set, i helped build the set while at the same time practice my lines with Andrew in preparation for our 1 min on screen time.  Building the set took nearly 2 hours as we had problems trying to figure out the lighting and camera set up. Fortunately we had a good facilitators who gave us a big hand on how to get around certain shots and guide us through some basics for setting up light. It was frustrating at times for me as an actor as the crew kept changing the light between takes but it gave me an insight on how we must be well prepared on set. It is key to have a well drawn out plan, especially lighting, as  it will make the set look more professional while at the same time it will help move quicker between shots and setups.

Our test scene was quite long but we learnt a lot about lighting and how pre-production  is very important. We as a team worked well together to ensure we get the best shots. I have a better understanding on how to setup lights and blocking.