This week we asked to shoot our title sequence for Average Joe. Before the shoot, Emily, Josh, Jill and I have been in contact to prepare the costumes and props needed for the shoot. We finalised everything a day before the shoot as costumes could only be sorted once we confirmed the actors.

On the same day that we were shooting, we also had a fundraiser where we sold Indian food outside SAE Institute. It was slow initially but picked up around 1pm. We managed to raise $252 from sales and are planning to do another one in couple of weeks. I also manage to get another $186 over the weekend through crowd-funding at local club in Melbourne. I manage to convince the organisers of DRRNB entertainment and BrownBeats Music to put a box near the DJ area for anyone who wants to donate money to our web series. This was done over the weekend and i hope to do it again on the following weekend, as there is another event they are doing that could prove to be profitable for our web-series.

In addition, I have also looking into crowd funding from various websites but due to time constraints I felt it would take a longer time to gather the money needed for our budget. At the moment, out budget is looking good for our production. Nevertheless, we are still going to open a crowd-funding site next week to help draw in extra funds. We would have some footage where I can work with the editors to make a teaser to help attract people to give money for our web series.