ST Rajahn is an aspiring film and documentary producer doing his Bachelor of Filming in SAE Melbourne. Originating from Malaysia with a Ceylonese heritage, he has strong affinity to international, social and public issues. Spending most of his life in the science field which included completing 5 years of undergraduate medicine, he tried to make a change in society but felt he wasn’t having that impact.  He then fell back to his hidden love for film and visuals which led him to discover the combination of art and science can make a difference.


Rajahn’s innovative and broad networking style, makes him ideal to work and collaborate with various personalities and cultural generations. He is quick to think on his feet and never afraid to be challenged. His kind demeanour shouldn’t be mistaken as a flaw but rather a strength in a team environment.  Rajahn’s ability to consider every person’s point of view and to bring it together is a skill not many possess.