Script writing is something very new to me. Coming up with a story was not the hard part but writing a script for than idea certainly has numerous challenges. The title of my script is “Empty Closet” . The story revolves around a  university going student ,who is a compulsive liar struggling with haemorrhoids,has everyone believing he is gay even himself but his fling housemate who knows the truth and will go to any lengths  to prove he is straight. This script was supposed to be drama but in our first script class, majority present, including my facilitator  Ian Dixon,  said it was dark comedy about a man lying to himself about being gay when he is in fact as gay as they come. My script had not been completed at that time and even i felt it had a lot of comedic elements that i didn’t expect until i heard the script getting read. Ian advised me to keep writing this as a drama and the comedy will come into the script. I decided to take his advice but reverse it. I tried writing comedy hoping to achieve the drama i wanted. Sadly my second class was filled with mix feelings by everyone present. They felt the previous script had more story and the comedy was not working the  way i wanted. Ian said my dialogue was good and advised me to go back to my previous script  as the story there had more flow. Once i had realise that my script needed a third persons view, i had my classmates and some friends read my initially draft. To my surprise many of my friends who had studied in an asian country saw the drama and not the comedy side when compared to my friends who had all studied in Australia or the United Kingdom. Taking a lot of mix feedback from everyone really confused when writing my final draft. I kept moving between ideas and genres, which really hurt my story.

When i was pitching, i was very nervous as i felt i have not done justice to my story especially with my ending. It was sloppy and not well thought through as i would have expected. I delivered my pitch but i felt the audience could not understand the story i was trying to deliver because at certain times  while presenting i felt i could change the idea and tried to modify my pitch. This made me stumble at certain times, thus causing the confusion with everyone. I feel this script is good and will keep working on this to improve the story. This script was based on a true story on how one student kept coming back to the hospital with rectal problems but insists he was not gay. He drove himself straight to the psychiatric department after nearly 6 months of mental torture by the doctors convincing him he is a homosexual. The truth was his roommate had actually been chloroforming him and raping him without his knowledge. Heres the kicker!The doctors who had been harassing this poor guy about his gay tendencies were wrong yet they refused to tell him the truth about his condition. They reminded all of us, who were medical students, that this is one in a billion scenario and warned us not to tell him the truth as well. My script did not get picked but i learnt a lot about the story arc, dialogue and to be more descriptive in my script. My next script on ” Empty Closet ” will definitely be much more engrossing. My pitch has along way to go but i must always remember to stick with the idea i have when delivering  my pitch and to practice more before going up before a large audience .15555302_10154808139479467_1146613657_o.jpg





Spectacle and technology



The film industry is blessed to be living in the age where Special Effects and CGI can be used to create many marvels. Film buffs are spoilt as they can view any visual content, any time and anywhere they want, simply from there phones or at choose to relax at with their home theatre HD Televisions. With a bigger audience reach, comes a much greater competition within filmmakers, especially people who work for big networks and production companies. Technology has caused a massive demand for more visual content to be developed faster, particularly TV Series and recently with Comic book movies. Marvel and DC Comics have been going insane in releasing their superhero movies like Ironman, Captain America, Batman and Superman. The story line, with the added CGI, made these superhero movies come to life for so many fans and entertaining for the non–comic book enthusiast. However, this support and competition led both to make Age of Ultron and the infamous Batman Versus Superman. Both these movies were heavily criticised by all audiences as the story – line was simply rubbish and was masked by heavy CGI. The battle and the fight scenes were still beyond impressive but lost of credit with audiences, most importantly their fans. As an aspiring filmmaker, who is passionate about social and current issues, I know that technology is essential in this day and age. Documentaries like ‘That Sugar Film’, which uses a lot of After Effects to help deliver their message, flirts with today’s current technology but still maintains the films prime objective. This use of spectacle and technology is what I aim to adopt in my film. I don’t want to blast my audience with just spectacular visuals and losing them in the story’s message.  Keeping up with current techs is important to reach a wider scale audience, but my priority will always come down to the story and film elements needed to make a memorable film.


Films shown in the cinema is quite a spectacle to see especially with the right crowd and the introduction of multiplexes. You get to be part of the film, while enjoying an undisturbed ambience. The cinema, with its wide screen, helps me engage with the characters. The extreme close-ups, especially during and emotional scene, just entraps with its detail capture of the human emotion.


The surround system in the cinema, gives the dialogue, score and ambience of a particular scene a suspension of disbelieve, to me in the audience. This work well with horror, war and even with drama films.


Going to cinema is certainly quite a treat, especially for films with crazy CGI. However, there are many types of film exhibitions that exist now thanks to modern cinema and technology. Private art houses, outdoor theatre, film festivals, home cinema and tablets are just the few of the many the many portals in where we can watch film. Film festivals and some outdoor theatre tend to have audiences’ are bit more boisterous when viewing a film. Personally, I find it exciting and thrilling to indulge this outburst of public appreciation but I rarely get the chance.

My laptop has been my go to film cinema for the past few years. YouTube and Netflix have made it convenient and cheaper to watch film from the comfort of my own home. While I have the variety and the privacy to watch anything I want, I lose some of the reality of the film. The instances to stop and go get a snack in between a movie, particularly when watching with a group of friends, kills the emotion the director is setting for the audience straightaway.

The films that I want to create are predominantly on social and currents issues, with the use of film techniques. Just like Michael Moore’s, his creative use of film techniques in his documentaries or feature film, as he would say, is abetter way to attract audiences. The entertaining use of film elements and at the same time maintaining the objectivity of the issue, helps keeps the audience engage while not boring the with too much details.       

Michael Moore’s 13 Rules for Making Documentary Films

Week 6

Social Media & My Career

As an aspiring producer and documentarian, it is important to showcase my work and get feed back. Social media is a perfect outlet for that and one of the best ways to kick-start my carrier without spending money on advertising or traveling.Unknown-4

Starting my website is the start or the gateway to my social media. It will be the platform for where I can share the various types of work I have made and a point of contact for work. Social media, for example Facebook or Instagram, can help spread my art form and get some extra work on the way.


The works that I would be putting up will be more incline on social issues. This will include blogs, pictures and videos, documentaries or short films, that is currently taking place in our society. Other projects like music videos or films that I have worked on will be included in a separate page. By doing this, I focus my viewers on my real passion and at the same time I give potential employers a glance into my psyche before they view my other works. This can be good or bad depending on how the employers but Its still good for me. The people that I will be fortunate enough to work with will have a similar understanding and comprehension of what I do, thus making the collaboration smooth.


Week 5

Inclusive Design

Living in growing multicultural society, Australia has created so many opportunities for living, yet there still is a marked discrimination of between people of the work place and social projects. Whether its gender, race, religion, age, to name a few, proper work ethics and passion is what I would be looking for in my production team. I would ideally want a team mix of both genders, with a range of passionate individuals.

The clear margin that there more male than females in the film industry is a fact.




Contrary to this, there has been no solid evidence that women are marginalised or discriminated in Australia due to their gender (Novak, 2015). Sexism, though not as obvious in the West when compared to in Asia and Africa (Fisher, 2012), but this is not the cause here!1425986033931

(The Sydney Morning Herald, 2015)


The choice everyone makes is what dictates these facts. For example, there more women in the Veterinarian medicine and biology compered to man simply because they choose those forms of subjects (AVfM, 2016).  Films schools have equal gender graduates but in the past five years, 90% of women directors have had female producers (Maslin ,2015). Maybe people find it easier working with people of the same gender as there is less tension or perhaps there has not been any programs and strategies to get both genders to work as director and producer together. Both genders have to come together to change this mindset of an all single gender production and use each others strengths for the benefits. If film schools could adapt this concept, we could see a big sway of the gender scale back into balance in the near future.



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Its difficult to understand what the media and politicians say about how torn apart the world is at the moment. Wars have been fought before but yet our so called heads of state never learn from the past or do they? People helping people yet why do we only see the violence when scrolling through our smart phones? Can everyone actually live together? What creates social stigma? That is my art!


My art is to try and understand these stigmas and break it up using the power of film. i want to show how diverse the planet has become and the common ground that all of us as human  share. Least to say, this is not a money making idea nor a permanent income source. Working part-time jobs  now helps me get by but ultimately i would like to have a steady income source. With the talents I posses, i can still produce quality films and and at the same time work, whether a production company or freelance work, to fund myself in my endeavour to make my art.


Currently, I’m doing my best to get more experience by working on short films and music videos. Some have been paid and some not, but its a start!

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Copyrights & Contracts


This week’s topic was certainly an important one. My knowledge on on “Copyrights and Contracts” and how it works has been significantly improve after much discussion in class. The importance on knowing on how to protect your work and at the same time the boundaries of replicating someone else’s work is paramount in this industry. The first person to make or create something owns the copyright.

But does he or she own it for life?


This ownership, has a fixed duration time under The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement(AUFSTA)(National Library of Australia, n.d.), which in film is 70 years after the end of the calendar year it was first published. . In film, the producer or the person who given money for the film to be made owns the copyright. However, through copyright licensing, we still use their works with a license granted by the copyright owner, the producers, or through collecting societies.

As a freelancer, its important for me to understand how this process works. It is clear that I am the owner of anything I create despite getting paid or commissioned by another person. Nonetheless, it always beneficial to have a contract to layout an agreement. With a contract, all parties taking part should have no misunderstandings. Even with this, there are still instances where movies like “The Hangover Part 2” (2009) (Gambino, 2011) or “Chuck and Larry” (2007) have been sued for stealing of ideas and concepts. These situations can’t be avoided sometimes but is also an important lesson to all to document their work thoroughly and draw out clear contracts to avoid any complications.




Gambino,M. 2011, June 21. Ten Famous Intellectual Property Disputes. Smithsonian Mag Retrieved from

National Library of Australia, n.d. Retrieved from


Secret Interview Techniques


I have had a few interviews, from  face to face interviews to a phone call interview.  Most of them were about getting into educational institution, which to some extent is almost like a job interview. Todays lecture notes were on secret technique interviews.

No one can actually be a hundred percent ready for interview but its always best to plan ahead as todays discussion tells us!



Research, passion and dedication are some of the many things employers look at when it comes to hiring. The one thing that caught my eye was the secret questions or sneaky questions of the employers. Using certain animals or objects or situations to describe oneself subconsciously is quite common in almost any type of job interview. Paying attention during the interview and being specific in answers sets a strong impression in the employer.

Like many, getting interview nerves (Kermode, 2014) is scary, especially for me in that first five minutes. The waiting can also be very scary but it is essential to stay positive Maybe recite the whole of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme out loud, providing you’re alone or breathing exercises! This article below can help loads in beating those nerves:


Last but not least, asking a question when its time is another great tip. It gives the sense of interest while setting up a relationship with the employer. These tips are really helpful in preparing for an interview. It will me to create a better opportunity to ensure my next employment.



Kermode,R. 2014, May 27th . Cheeky tips: 10 weird ways to beat interview nerves. The Guardian Retrieved from


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